Learn How One Amazon Seller Received Over $110,000+ From Amazon in Reimbursements He Didn't Even 
Know He Was Owed!
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Todd Snively,
Received $110k Back from Amazon
"I had no idea I was owed so much money, there's just no easy way to track this stuff ... Once We Cracked the Code it was Like Money Falling From the Sky and now we get what we are owed quickly and with zero hassles!"
About "Refund Finder Pro by Ecomm Elite" Software Tool
Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed when others found out that as one of the larger Amazon sellers I didn't even know that I was owed over $110k from Amazon.  I thought Amazon took care of all of that kind of thing for me.  Once I became educated about the process, I sat down with my business partner in Ecomm Elite and said, "Chris, we need to help others out there with an automated way to get these monies".  He agreed and that's why Refund Finder Pro was developed.  Watch below for some more insight into why every seller on Amazon needs this service.
Every day that goes by, you are losing money by not claiming the reimbursements and refunds that you are due as an Amazon seller.  Our program will give you all of the information and tools that you need to find these reimbursements going back 18 months, and the training to properly submit them to Amazon to maximize your reimbursements and obtain the funds you are owed in the quickest possible timeframe.

It's a little counterintuitive to think that Amazon owes you money that they are not telling you about.  It's really not that so much as it is that the process requires you to be involved.  Amazon knows they didn't receive all your FBA inventory correctly, and buried deep in the reports somewhere is the information stating that they screwed up, however, they won't generally do much until you do some research and present to them a valid claim.  That's what this program does for you.  It's does the research, presents you with the valid claim, that you then present to Amazon, and after a very short review/confirmation of the presented information, they finally pay you back.  It's just how the system works.

You can for sure do all of this on your own.  It's the age old argument, how much is your time worth?  To go back 18 months and find every single reimbursement you're owed will take you, well, possibly forever (seriously), and then to put the data into a readable, understandable format so that Amazon can instantly see that they do owe you?  Lots more time.  Let our system do all of that for you, instantly.
This is a Simple Decision
Do You Want To Get Back Every Penny Amazon Owes You?
This is one of those "no-brainer" decisions.  There is no easier, less expensive way to get back all of the money Amazon owes you.  

I originally had an employee doing this for me, but I quickly learned that not only was it a lengthy process, but my employee hated me for making her do such boring work, lol.  Not only that, but I was paying her to do this, it cost me a small fortune to get about $55,000 back doing it the manual way.  Finally I got smart and created this program.  In five minutes I had the files that I needed in order to get back over $110k.  I am still laughing about this to this day.

Remember, every day that goes by is a day that runs past the "statute of limitations" with Amazon.  You need to drop everything you are doing right now and order now.  
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